About Tyler Candelora

Tyler Candelora is a first-year student at Bucknell University. He is from Coal Township, PA. He speaks English but is currently learning Spanish, French, and Arabic. Tyler is a comparative humanities and language major.

Mahony – Note on Freud

*my comments Freud & Translation Freud as theorist of translation Freud as translator the translations of Freud’s works Freud as translation theorist unified the concept that encompasses the interaction of intrasystemic, intersystemic, and interpsychic phenomena Freud deemed these as translations: … Continue reading

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Appiah – Thick Translation

Appiah Bio *my comments Ph.D. Cambridge in Philosophy cultural theorist, philosophy of language and mind Thick Translation 1 literal translation in Twi-language “Akan” of 7000 some proverbs theory of meaning / philosophical semantics adequate theory of meaning of words and phrases … Continue reading

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